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American Institute of Steel Construction: AISC
American Concrete Institute: ACI
National Council of Structural Engineers Association: NCSEA
Clark County Building Department: CCBD
Nevada State Board of Engineers
Las Vegas Seismic Maps (Open in Internet Explorer)
U.S. Seismic Maps


Inch-foot calculations
The attached file is a handy converter for inch-foot calculations. It will add, subtract, multiply and divide using feet and inches, displaying results in feet-inches and decimal feet. It can be unprotected (without password) if you wish to edit the formula.

+ Email | Contributed by Mubeen Cutchi, PE (Wisconsin) | Download (xls)

Section properties of a plate girder
This is a high quality Excel spreadsheet that derives the section properties of a steel plate girder, or beam.

+ Email | Web site | Contributed by Robert Nicolson | Download

Continuous Beam Influence Lines.
Excel spreadsheet calculates and graphs moment, shear and deflections influence lines in continuous beams.

+ Web site | Contributed by Yakov Polyakov | Download

Spreadsheets for Corbel Design and Wood Shear Wall with a opening
Concrete Corbel & Wood Shear Wall with an Opening The spreadsheets make structural design simplified. This package was contributed by Daniel T. Li

+ Email | Contributed by Daniel T. Li | Download

Simple Beam
Simple Beam is a framing member evaluation program for vertical and horizontal glazing components.The evaluation provides property verification in the form of “I required” and “S required” for various applications and loading conditions of simple span elements. Both uniform and trapezoidal load distributions may be utilized within the member analysis. In addition to structural property requirements generated, end reactions and internal bending moments are also provided.

+ Email | Contributed by Rod Stark | Download

StlShape is a utility for structural engineers to use. It started with steel designs. Some concrete an wood-including glulam are added later on.

+ Email | Contributed by Szuchuan Chang | Download